SUTD Game Lab
Based in Singapore

Singapore University of Technology and Design [Asia]
Rising Star Games [US & Europe]

PlayStation 4
Steam [February 23rd 2016]

Release Date:
October 28th 2014 [Asia]
February 24th 2015 [Japan]
October 13th 2015 [US & Europe]
November 19th 2015 [China]

Game Page:


One Upon Light is a monochromatic styled top-down puzzle game with a photophobic protagonist. Trapped in a world of shifting shadows and light, players must manipulate objects in the environment to create a path of shadows to navigate through the levels. As the protagonist journeys through the dark, he discovers clues about his past lurking in the darkness.


  • Cleverly designed puzzles using the unique properties of lights and shadows.
  • Stylistic, monochromatic cel-shaded 3D world inspired by the mid-century cartoons.
  • Intriguing back story that ties into game play, revealing bit by bit as the game progresses.
  • Immersive surroundings, portraying the unique mood and feel of the game.
  • Escape the light!


OUL - PS4 Launch Trailer - Courtesy of Rising Star Games [YouTube]

OUL - Basic Concepts [YouTube]

OUL - Basic Concepts - Chinese Sub for IGF China 2013 [YouTube]

OUL - Development Team [YouTube]


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  • Winner of the "Best Game" award Independent Games Festival China, 2013 [link]
  • Indie Award from Famitsu at Tokyo Game Show, 2014
  • Rookie Prize from 4Gamer.net at Tokyo Game Show, 2014 [link]
  • 1st Runner Up, Best Made-In-Singapore Games (Editor’s Choice), The Straits Times’ Digital Life Singapore Awards 2015!


  • "Overview One Upon Light 8.5/10"
  • "Indie Preview Review: One Upon Light 8/10"
  • "A fun light and dark puzzle game 8/10"
    PS4 Blog
  • "The level design is clever and the puzzles are well thought. I had a lot of fun playing One Upon Light 8/10"
    PS3 Blog
  • “It was a really fun and challenging experience blended in really well with a little story 7/10”
    Brash Games
  • “...One Upon Light is an easily accessible puzzler that provides a decent amount of challenge 7/10”
    PlayStation Universe
  • “One Upon Light is a gentle, lovely looking puzzle game with a great concept 7/10”
    Gaming Lives
  • “A satisfying experience from start to finish 7/10”
    PS Gamer
  • “Visualmente impactante y una verdadera prueba de habilidad, inteligencia y fotofobia 7/10”
    Imperio Gamer
  • “Puzzle game fans will enjoy their entire time with One Upon Light 3.5/5”
    Inverted Access
  • “A fairly competent puzzle title 3.5/5”
    True Trophies
  • “国人打造创意游戏触光投影登陆国服PS4”

About SUTD Game Lab

We are the game development team under the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD Game Lab). We are known informally as Ice Cream Truck Games, because we love eating ice cream and making games!

The SUTD Game Lab was formerly the Singapore branch of the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, which created the award-winning games CarneyVale: Showtime, Snap Escape and Dark Dot, among others. The Lab aims to continue the mission of GAMBIT by making games that bridge research and industry, and push innovation in the area of game development. One Upon Light will be our first commercial title under SUTD Game Lab.

The SUTD Game Lab is a key element of Game Research, Education, and Training (GREaT), funded by the Singapore National Research Foundation and administered by the Interactive Digital Media Programme Office, Media Development Authority.

More information
More information on SUTD Game Lab can be found here.


Phaedra Pang

Tan Chee Ming
Business Development

Justin Kang

Benjamin Tan Yu Quan
Quality Assurance

Ang Yi Xin
Artist [2D]

Simon Strauss
Artist [3D]

Chuah Chong Yunn
Lead Programmer

Wong Yi

Ng Xi Hui

Weng Junxuan

Audio by
IMBA Interactive